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Writing progress

Story Title: A Necessary Evil (aka The One About the War)
Words revised today: 584 (plus some swapping chunks of text around between chapters, see below!)
Words now in Chapter 6: 5930
Words total: 36,012
Reason for stopping: Need a little smackerel of something for lunch, then I must continue critting and grading the stories for the fiction writing course I tutor.

I really should have spent all day on the marking (US grading), but the writing itch had returned, so I thought I'd poke at the WIP a bit yesterday and I carried on today.

Because I wanted to improve the story flow, I needed to move a scene. But where could it go? The only place it could go led to one of those Scene A has to happen before Scene B, but from internal evidence, Scene B also happens before Scene A problems.

Chapter 5 was a relatively quiet chapter, with the musket training, visit to the palace, politics and story background. After all the action at the beginning, a slight lull was fine, but now we needed action again. The lull could not be allowed to continue. So instead of allowing Mark, Huw & Co a night out on the town, I need to cut straight to the patrol and the King's Own's first real battle. Their night out and the bit where Huw demonstrates his ability to be very hard to see if he doesn't want to be seen had to be moved to later on.

Hence the Scene A before Scene B but Scene B before Scene A problem...

Moving the scene caused other problems too. The night out on the town originally happened in Dunraven, which is now over a hundred miles away. Arloros (another city with plenty of clubs) is still too far away for a night out. So Cadnant has had to rapidly grow big enough to support a better night life (ie a club or two as well as the many pubs it already had). Also I had to move the King's Own's billet from the Militia HQ to a base about 3 miles outside town. Which actually makes sense. The Militia barracks is, logically, already full of locally raised troops.

Next job, sort out the mess that is the first battle scene. But that will be for tomorrow...
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