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Happy New Year to you all

May you all have a good 2007 with lots of nice things happening and the absolute minimum of nasty stuff to deal with.

We spent New Year's eve curled up in front of the telly. As there was nothing interesting on, G and I watched the second DVD of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman going The Long Way Round the world. (We'd watched the first part the night before.) By some fluke -- it would have been almost impossible to manage the timing on purpose -- Ewan and Charley rode triumphantly into New York, just as the fireworks outside announced it was midnight and the start of a new year. I think the series will be well worth watching again. They passed through some amazing places and did some really scary things. I know they had backup, but the backup occasionally looked as though it could have done with backup!

Looking forward to 2007

We look set to have an Interesting Year, possibly in the Chinese curse sense, which is somewhat ironic, seeing as a trip to China may be on the cards.

Definitely planned are: a new grandchild (to be delivered on or around 23 Feb); son's wedding (August); G to finish PhD (very soon now).

Possibilities include: another trip to US (I'm definitely thinking about Minicon at Easter rather than WisCon this time); visit of Chinese scientists to Wales; trip of Welsh scientists (with accompanying llygoden) to China.

I don't do New Year resolutions. I never have and I'm not going to start now. I do set personal goals though, both for writing and other life related stuff. Looking at my progress so far, I'm more or less on target, though I need to get off my backside and start doing more stuff instead of sitting at the computer fiddling around on the Internet.

*Mutters about hateful dark gloomy weather encouraging slide into depression-causing behaviour.*

Reviewing progress so far: Writing goals for 2006-2007

  • Keep submitting Moving a Mountain to publishers and agents (No luck so far. Need to send it out again tomorrow, as soon as the Post Office opens again)

  • Brainstorm the magic department in FE college story (This is simmering away in the background, having been bumped from top position in the queue by A Necessary Evil. I really do want to complete ANE for my own satisfaction, even if I only end up showing it to the crit group and webbing it. Though it might just be a Baen book...)

  • Write 75,000 words of first draft of magic department in FE college story. (Not done. See above.)

  • Instead I have now got 36,000 words of another novel, which I hope to finish the complete draft of by late summer.


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