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That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it

I have just joined novel_in_90. matociquala tempted me and anyway I could do with the motivation.

I had planned to do all sorts of wonderful things over Christmas. One of them was make huge progress with A Necessary Evil. I think I worked on it about once. Oh, dear...

Anyway, I now have a new reason for making some progress: mockery avoidance. *g*

Having joined novel_in_90, I thought I'd better show willing and hence I've been wrestling with Chapter 6. At the moment, this is actually a heavy rewrite rather than a completely new draft, but I'm about to run out of road very soon now (so to speak) and from then on it will be all new words.

I'm just pausing to winge for a moment.

I have to go and unkill someone. *Pout* Moving the drunken night out means splitting the battle against Kararl's forces. The first bout needs to be successful. So, having just got to the end of the battle, I realise that the captain can't die this time. Bother.

Click and drag. Ctrl X. Open file for Chapter 7. Ctrl V. Close file for Chapter 7. Click cursor in near the beginning of Chapter 6. Tappetity-tappetity-tappetity-tap. Click Save

There we are Captain Morgan's death has just been transferred to the next Chapter, leaving all the gloom, despondancy and angst for later. I need my characters happy tonight. At least at first...
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