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Writing progress -- novel in 90

Words written: Some. OK, I know that's hopelessly vague, but I was mostly cutting. Say 300
Time spent rewriting Chapter 6: 1½ hours
Words removed from Chapter 2: Probably about 1000
People killed: 0
Mean things done to characters: Huw had to walk several miles back to barracks and is now on the wrong side of the perimeter wall after curfew.

Hmmm... This word counting is proving problematical while I'm revising. I really do need to wrestle Chapter 6 into shape, but after that, I can probably jump to the end of the already written stuff and start writing new words.

But so far the novel_in_90 thing is working well. It's got the WIP back in P again. How long can I keep it up? *g*
Tags: a necessary evil, novel_in_90, writing progress

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