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Writing progress -- Novel in 90

Estimated words written today: 864
Time spent rewriting Chapter 6: 1½ hours after coming in from work.
People killed: 0
Mean things done to characters: Huw managed to use his magic to sneak back into barracks past the guards on the gate. A mean thing? Indeed, this success encourages him to rely on this skill, which gets him into an awful situation later in the book.

Fear of gentle mocking seems to work. I suspect that normally I'd have decided I was too tired to write and would have spent the time on Usenet and LJ instead.

But I really must start writing real new words at the weekend instead of just interpolating new words in amongst the best of the old words. (Lots of words still being deleted. Chapter 6 has been slimmed down by 800 words from a grossly obese 9099 words to a merely podgy 8299.)

In other news: Panic, gloom and despondency struck this afternoon when I realised I had lost my mobile hard drive. I scooted back to our office and also looked in the computer room where I was teaching yesterday afternoon, but it wasn't there. Neither the receptionist nor the technicians knew anything about it; no one had handed it in. After much racking of brains and examining of evidence (the empty pencil case it normally live in was folded into my briefcase), I deduced that I must have left it in the computer room in the school in Bala. A couple of phone calls and an anxious wait later, I was told it had been found. I will collect it en route to work in the morning. Phew! Not that there was anything on it that wasn't also saved on the system at work and/or at home, but it's a very useful gadget and I'd have hated to lose it.

Otherwise the first week back at work after Christmas has gone reasonably well, despite stormy weather, floods, wobbly power supplies and non-working student logins. (Only one of mine was affected, but several students in my colleagues' classes had problems.) I even survived the first PhotoShop Class. *g*
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