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Writing progress -- novel in 90

Words written today: 779
Total words in novel: 57,286
People killed: 0
Mean things done to characters: Huw and his friends have just built a cairn of stones over the body of their sergeant.

This is my 13th day doing novel_in_90 and it has generated 9104 words, most of which I wouldn't have written without the encouragement of the group. I'm actually only 646 words behind the target and my current average is 700 words per day.

Not too bad at all!

Whether I could keep up this pace with a brand new novel (rather than one that's been lurking in my brain for 40 years), I don't know.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
57,286 / 103,115

In other news...

I came home from work early today. The high winds were frightening. One student reported that a metal sheep feeder had been blown from a field into the middle of the road and two trees were down in the Nant y Garth. Fortunately workmen had cleared one carriageway, so I could get through.

The college hadn't had a total powercut, but there were intermittent flickers in the power, just enough to knock the computers out for a moment. After a little while of this, we lost the Internet. As it was an introductory web and email class, this was rather a problem! I had just decided to abandon the class and was bidding farewell to my students when the head technician appeared to tell us that he was shutting down the servers to prevent damage.

I dithered for a bit, wondering whether the winds might die down and I'd have a safer journey home if I waited, but without the computers, there wasn't much I could do. After about half an hour, the winds did seem to ease a little, so I decided to escape.

Back at home things were much calmer. No powercuts but there were fallen trees at intervals, fortunately none of them had fallen into the road. Water everywhere too after all the heavy rain.

What will tomorrow bring, I wonder?
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