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Novel in 90 -- progress after 14 days

Like marykaykare I cannot write 7 days per week. I work full time and have a hour's drive to work on 4 days per week. (I do some tutoring online, so therefore can work from home one day, which helps a bit.) I also have a husband with whom I want/need to spend a little time every so often!

However, since joining novel_in_90 I haven't missed a single day on which it was possible to write, so I am really pleased. This is the thing that usually holds me back, ie failing to write on days when I have no excuse for not writing. *g*

Total words written so far: 9104
Official average per day is therefore 650. Average according to my rules (allowing for 2 non-writing days per week) is 910.

Onwards and upwards!

Another member was wondering whether to reread whilst writing first draft. Here are my thoughts on the matter, for what they're worth.

Although many people advise not rereading whilst writing first draft, sometimes it is necessary to see flow of the overall story. If the story feels stuck, it may be that you took a wrong turn somewhere and you're trying to force the characters to go in a direction that they know is wrong.

On the other hand, the urge to reread could be due to the fact that pressing on is hard and rereading is much easier. *g*

Some dangers of rereading are:

1. Falling into the Endless Revision Loop.
2. Deciding that the whole thing is a pile of stinking donkey doo-doo and it's not worth continuing with. (I've often noticed this happening to my own stories, but strangely if I leave them for a while, they seem to recover and turn out not to be so bad after all.)
3. Deciding that what you've written so far is wonderful and that what you're writing now is crap. (See 2 above.)

Me? I'm definitely not rereading until I get to the end.

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