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Writing progress -- novel in 90

I thought I was going to have to stop with only 703 words written today.

I had an awful lot of work to do in the form of grading the assignments for the fiction writing course I tutor. But I managed to squeeze in a bit of writing around it. I could easily have made the 750 -- if only I'd known what happens next.

There was the fight around the magical gate, but I couldn't skip straight to that; more stuff had to happen first.

And then, as I was in the middle of posting to novel_in_90, I just thought of a couple of things to add to expand the scene I'd just been writing.

Success! That gave me a total of 807 words.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
68,736 / 108,832

One of the pictures I took yesterday was of a local toll house. I pass this cottage 4 times a week on my way to work, but have never realised its significance before. That's because I normally zoom past at around 60mph.

The interesting bit is the stone with all the toll prices carved into it:

And because people thought the sheep were cute, here's a better one of the sheep. No half sheep this time. *g*

As people seemed to li
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