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At last, I know what this novel's about

This novel (A Necessary Evil has been kicking about in my head for 10 years (or 30 years or 40 years, depending how you count). Finally, my unconscious writer brain handed me the scene that told me what this version is actually about.

I tend to find that as I write forwards through the story, I get flashes of scenes from just a bit further on.

I finally got the scene where Mark takes the king prisoner.

Thank you, unconscious writer brain! Perhaps next time you might consider letting me know the theme of the novel before I write almost 75,000 words?

Interesting post here on matociquala's LJ about the effects terrible experiences have on a person. Strangely apropos because I have just realised that I spend the first novel of the trilogy breaking my protags and then the next two volumes putting them back together again. Though of course they will never be quite the same again...
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