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Writing progress -- novel in 90

Words written today: 796
Total words in novel: 76,377
People killed: An awful lot of the good guys.
Mean things done to characters: Mark is having to sit and watch while his former comrades are shot to pieces by the enemy cannon fire.

Patricia Wrede has often mentioned that one doesn't learn how to write novels, one learns how to write this novel. I'm finding out just how true that is.

I thought I had a nice method all worked out. Plan the rough shape with the Lars Eighner plot diagram, work out roughly what happens chapter by chapter with the Browne Circular Diagram. And then plan each scene on a scene planning sheet and produce a pretty decent draft.

That's not how ANE wants to be written.

It wants to be written as a crappy, sprawling draft that will need to be almost totally rewritten to produce anything decent. I'm going to end up with a 110,000 words outline of a 100,000 word novel!

A Necessary Evil
76,377 / 110,000 (69.00%)
Tags: a necessary evil, novel_in_90, writing progress

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