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Writing progress -- novel in 90

Words written today: 912
Total words in novel: 78,049
People killed: hundreds
Mean things done to characters: Mark doesn't yet know that one of his best friends is terribly injured.

Well, that was the Big Battle that has been in my head for many years. It is sketchy, to say the least and I still need to write Siarl (Lord Corwen) in there as a cameo.

The good guys have won, but the novel is not over yet. *g*

This morning we went out doing fieldwork. G needed some photos, also he needed to take some river flow readings.

While he was busy taking measurements by the Fairy Pool, I managed to sneak up unobserved and capture this picture of a wizard casting balls of Magelight[*].

OK, I admit that it wasn't really a wizard -- though it was really the Fairy Pool.

Here's the original. The blobs were raindrops on the lens! They gave me the idea and PaintShop Pro did the rest. *g*

[*] Magelight or Magefire is so common amongst MAGIC USERS that it is probably what an APPRENTICE wizard learns to do on his first day. The operator simply thinks, and a small ball of bluish or white light appears either on the hand or hovering in the air, at the shoulder, above the head, or on the end of the STAFF.
(The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, Diana Wynne Jones)
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