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Writing progress -- novel in 90

Words written today: 726
Total words in novel: 80,049
People killed: 0
Mean things done to characters: Huw is in a terrible mental state.

Just few words short of the 750 target, but that was the end of a scene.

Unfortunately, I'm now galloping straight for hole in the outline. I may have to just jump it and charge straight into the closing chapters. *g*

Meanwhile, matociquala has been saying wise things about writing and developing as a writer in the comments to this thread. I'm quoting the relevant bit here to I can add this to Memories.

Oh, the lists of what not to do are bullshit. That's the problem.

They're made up for amateurs. And if you listen to them, you will be stuck making cowardly choices as an artist all your life.

There are no "don'ts." There are only techniques that work, and techniques that don't work. And a lot of the time what happens is that apprentice writers are presented with these lists of things that they shouldn't do because an instructor has a pet peeve or a literary twitch or because she has seen it done badly too often, or because those things are out of fashion or hard to do well.

And the thing is, every writer does stuff wrong. Every writer has weaknesses. I have a ton.

You can't actually be world class at everything. (Although it is expected that one will *try,* at least in my circles.)

And here's the other thing. The flaws? Are the thing that establish a writer's voice and style. (When you pastiche somebody, you copy the *quirks.*)

And nobody in the Real World cares what a book does wrong *as long as it does enough right.* Which is what I think you mean by "brilliance."

And then the apprentice writer gets hung up on "not doing things wrong." But that means not taking chances. And that means not growing as a writer.

And it also means abandoning some incredibly powerful narrative tools.

I mean, we could talk for a week about everything Rowling does wrong, but it doesn't matter, because of everything she does right.
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