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Writing progress -- novel in 90

Words written today: 831
Total words in novel: 80,880
People killed: 0
Mean things done to characters: The big battle is over, but there is no rest for our protags.

I felt these were 831 very blah words, but they can be turned into better words when I revise.

I thought I had a way of writing a novel, but this novel doesn't want to be planned at the scene level yet. I will have to do that at the revision stage.

It is so rough though.

As Mark watched, two of the medics, grim-faced men with the cross of the order of St Whoever on their white aprons...

A slightly better bit:

Mark despatched the captives back to the base camp under the watchful eye of four of his men. He didn't think Kararl's soldiers would be stupid enough to try to run now. They looked done in. He confiscated the dead sheep, but gave it to Aled who draped it over the saddle in front of him. "Mutton stew again then," he said dolefully as he turned his horse's head and nudged it with his heels to fall in behind the little procession.

A NECESSARY EVIL: 831 new words:

A Necessary Evil
80,880/ 110,000 (74%)

(Yes, I know the Zokotou word meter is back, but this one is just a bit of HTML code and therefore completely independent. Basically just a one row table with two cells.)
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