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Sometimes you just have to reverse back the way you came and try a different road

If you ever come to North Wales by car, never venture off the main roads unless you are confident at reversing. It's not unusual to meet an oncoming vehicle on a single track road and have to reverse half a mile to the last passing place.

The same seems to apply to novels.

I had a flash of inspiration on Friday, which pinpointed exactly where, several chapters back, A Necessary Evil had gone down a wrong turning and met the tractor and trailer of I Just Don't Know What Happens Next coming the other way. I was at Chapter 14, I could see my destination in the distance, but the route I had chosen obviously wasn't a good idea.

The main plotline was OK, but unfortunately, back in Chapter 9, I let Rational Mind persuade the Unconscious Writer Brain that Mark wouldn't have sex with one of his (female) troopers. So the woman who was vital to the romance subplot hadn't put in an appearance yet and threequarters of the way through was too late in the day for her to suddenly appear. It didn't feel right for a passionate affair to develop out of the blue at that point in the story. And for the ending to work as it should[*], the love affair has to be a strong thread through the story, not a hastily tacked on episode just before the end.

Anyway, on Friday evening I sat RM and UWB down around a table and we thrashed out a scenario that pleased them both. It also means there should be a chapter or two of unrequited sexual tension, which is always good. *g*

A bit of brainstorming on the train going down to Cardiff gave me the details of when and where what happens and with luck, I should have the story trundling on again today.

[*] Assuming it's going to work at all, that is!
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