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So that's what it is!

For a few weeks now, on my way to and from work, I've been noticing a lot of construction activity at a point where a track leads off the main road into a bit of woodland, somewhere north of Bala.

The day before yesterday, I was baffled to see a huge pipe (or so I thought) on a trailer. Shades of the Iraqi super gun!

Yesterday, I came round a bend on my journey home to see a wind turbine on the top of the hill. It had literally sprung up during the day. Mystery solved. The "pipe" was the huge upright that supports the revolving blades.

A mystery that still remains unsolved, however, is the construction work going on alongside the short stretch of the A5 I traverse en route to work. It's on the Rhug Estate lands, the place where they have the herd of American bison.

First the fencing by the road was knocked down and more new fences erected further back. And now a JCB has been busy working for a few days right next to the road. It seems to be building a small one of these.

Yes, really. The activity has produced a flat topped pyramid of hard core.

I will report again if it turns out to be anything interesting.

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