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Writing progress -- novel in 90

Words written today: 100 (notes outlining the next bit)

I've gone and run off the end of the detailed outline again! However, a brisk walk brought me a few miles nearer to Rivendell and also sorted out my ideas so I could do a cluster diagram of what has to happen next. I mean I knew the gist of what happens. According to the spreadsheet:

Ch 15: The wild ride through the night to the palace. The coup.

But some things have to happen first before the coup can take place, and I didn't know quite what they were.

Eowyn Challenge: Walking to Rivendell

Miles travelled today: 4
Miles travelled so far: 27
Miles still to go: 431
Percentage complete: 6%

Point reached on journey: Day 2. Still just trundling along the rolling road. *g*

I wish I could do all my travelling by walking. Vehicles are such a pain.

On going out to the garage to show G where his rock specimens had been stored, I saw that the front tyre of my car, the one that had already been repaired once, was totally flat. I had to phone garage and they came and changed the wheel. But I'll have to go into work late tomorrow because they haven't sorted out the tyre properly yet and driving that distance without a spare is probably not wise.

I may end up just buying two new front tyres. They're nearly worn out anyway and with the mileage I do, it's probably as well to change them now and have done with it.
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