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Writing progress

I came home from work early today as I was owed some time in lieu of evening classes and had a doctor's appointment at 3pm. (Just a routine review of my high blood pressure medication.) I've now just done half an hour of typing and typed up 511 words of the hand written first draft.

I think I mentioned that some denizens of the magic mountain had turned up recently; today discovered their names. They are Gladdis (the hag) and Edmund (the dead warrior king).

Quote (NB Miffin is Wil and Ceri's cat):

Miffin waited, weighing up the strange woman pacing up and down the sheep-grazed turf. She was wrapped in an untidy collection of garments: long black dress, saggy black cardigan, and over all, a voluminous black cloak, with a hood. The hood was thrown back and her lined old face and stringy hair were visible to the cat's eyes. Another movement caught the cat's attention; an even darker shadow was striding swiftly down the mountainside.

"Hail, hag!" a hollow yet vibrant male voice called softly. "I have found you at last. I had almost given you up."

"Given me up? I've been stood here this last quarter of an hour waiting for you. Where have you been?"


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