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Writing progress -- novel in 90

Words written today: 820
Total words in novel: 84,313
People Dogs killed: 1
Mean things done to characters: Mark has just come upon some of the King's Guard terrorising a farmer.

I really don't think these are good words, but they are words and they progress the story towards some more exciting scenes. When I come to revise, I'll either find that they weren't quite as bad as I thought, or I can throw them out and replace them with better words. *g*

NOVEL IN 90 counting the days:

67/ 90 (72%)

A NECESSARY EVIL: 1007 new words:

A Necessary Evil
84,313/ 110,000 (77%)

I seem to have found a new trick to entice ideas out of hiding.

Years ago, I would happily write out of order, but that meant ending up with a collection of exciting scenes and the prospect of having to write all the less exciting Joining Bits[TM]. I never finished those novels.

So I resolved that I would never skip ahead. I would write strictly in order.

But sometimes I just don't know what happens next, and the story sticks. Like it did yesterday. I'd written the battle aftermath; the next bit I had clearly was the night of the coup. Which left a gap to fill.

Normally I'd stop writing for a few days -- or week! -- and wait for the idea to come, but I'm trying to keep up the momentum with novel_in_90. So I thought, "Blow it! I'll just write a brief note to cover the gap and jump on to write the next bit I know."

Then I went for a walk in order to get a few miles nearer to Rivendell and to think.

And as though the next scene was a little mouse that was too shy to show itself when anyone was watching, as soon as I started casting my mind forwards again, the next bit popped up and I had my words for today. Weird...
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