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Writing progress -- novel in 90

Words written today: 919
Total words in novel: 85,232
People killed: 0
Mean things done to characters: Mark doesn't have so much to keep him occupied now. He therefore has more time to think about his family.

Today's words were dull, with occasional bright intervals. The outlook for future words is cloudy becoming brighter.

NOVEL IN 90 counting the days:

69/ 90 (77%)

A NECESSARY EVIL: 919 new words:

A Necessary Evil
85,232/ 110,000 (77%)

Nipped out at lunchtime today and manage to get a mile nearer to Rivendell. On the way, I also purchased a few necessary items, such as rubber gloves and food for dinner. This was an opportunity not afforded to the hobbits.

Tomorrow I have a Peer Review of my teaching, ie E will come and observe my class. I suppose I ought to pull together a lesson plan.


And then to bed leaving G slaving over huge piles of paper as he does the final preparation for next week's inspection.
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