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Roll on the weekend!

The observant amongst you may have noticed that I haven't posted any word counts for a while. This is because in addition to a heavy infestation of assignments[*], I'm currently suffering from Vicarious Estynosis.

But please don't be concerned, this disease is very short-lived and the prognosis is excellent. Most people make a complete and rapid recovery once the infection has run its course.

In my case, it should be over on Friday evening because that's when the Estyn inspectors will have finished going over G's college with a fine-tooth comb. After reporting their findings, they will then go away, hopefully for several years.

G of course has a full-blown attack of the more serious Estynosis. Symptoms include feelings of dread, alternating with attacks of blazing anger at the thought of all the time the preparations for the inspection are taking up. Time that could be more profitably used on other things of far more interest to the sufferer.

Vicarious Estynosis is, of course, brought on by living with someone who suffers from the full disease. Sufferers of this milder form will find they develop a tendency to tiptoe around the house quietly so as not to aggravate the Estynosis victim. They may also experience faint feelings of dread, interspersed with waves of helplessness as they realise there is nothing they can do to ease the situation, other than let things take their natural course.

[*] The only way to eradicate an infestation of assignments is by the copious application of comments to the texts. Once suitably treated, the assignments can be safely sent back and the house will be free of them for a few weeks. Unfortunately further infestations are bound to reoccur whenever an assignment deadline comes around.

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