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Lark, owl or robin?

Having just spent yesterday hunting down clocks to reset, I see that fjm[*] is also bemoaning the shift to summer time. Though her gripe is the way BST shifts useful light from the morning (where she can make good use of it) to the evening, where it stops her falling asleep.

The usual division of personality types is into larks and owls, but I'm actually a robin. At least I think it was robin that was assigned as the typical day time bird in the only personality test I've ever seen that divided people into 3 types.

I am not really a morning person. But if I have to choose between lark and owl, I opt for lark. I can get up early and I can even work effectively early in the day (by which I mean before say 8.00 am), but just don't try to talk to me! I'm likely to be grumpy and you won't get any sense out of me until I've had several of cups of tea and some food. *g*

But I am absolutely not an owl. I fade at around 9.00 pm.

G, of course, is an owl. Definitely an owl. Yet somehow we've managed to remain married to one another for over 30 years.

Off now to do the final push on the fiction writing assignments. Just the last 5 to do this morning!

Then I really must get back to the WIP. No words at all this week. Urk!

[*] fjm's LJ is friends-locked at certain times of year, like now, unfortunately.

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