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Shopping and then to see a film

G surprised me yesterday by saying that we ought to go and buy him a new jacket. He's needed a new jacket for months, but I haven't dared suggest a trip to the shops because normally he's a shopophobic. He then further surprised me by suggesting that we went to see a film. A quick check on the Internet revealed that Calendar Girls (a mutually acceptable option) was on at the multiplex in Llandudno Junction. So we went first to Porthmadog to buy G a new tweed sports jacket (the sort of thing Giles might wear), then on via Blaenau Ffestiniog to Llandudno Junction where we had a meal at the Pizza Hut before watchig the film.

It was relaxing viewing, undemanding but funny. Even with the long drive home afterwards, it was a fun day out. It's such a normal thing for most people, but unusual for us (hence writing about it here); in fact going to the cinema twice in one year is unprecedented for G. And he's said that we must go and see The Return of the King (Trailer for which was on last night.) That would be 3 visits in less than a year!

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