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Bloody Microsoft! Bloody XP updates!

Behind the cut is a long and rambling post about computer glitches.

Yesterday, when I came home from work there was a nice big box from Viking Direct waiting for me. Well, two boxes, to be precise. My new printer/scanner in one and some speakers for the computer, extra ink cartridges and the box of shortbread biscuits (free gift when you spend over £100!).

So, after remembering to take the car into the garage for its new exhaust, I decided that as I am now on holiday, I had time to fiddle with computer peripherals. I would therefore connect the speakers and also the slide scanner that has been sitting forlornly in the other room, waiting until I got a round tuit.

I dealt with the dust that seemed to have accumulated on the screen and computer top and patiently threaded the wires into place, unplugged the lead to the crappy little speakers in the monitor and plugged in the new cool black and silver speakers.

Then I switched on to try them out. And what do I see but a dreaded error message about some .DLL file or other inhabiting the memory space required by a bit of Windows XP.


I hate computers!

Or rather, I hate fiddling with them. I just want it to work.

So with sinking heart I tried the speakers, and the sound was great. I tried to check my email. It worked. I tried the Web. It worked. I tried Word. It worked. In fact everything seemed to work, apart from this stupid error message telling me there was a problem.

So I installed the scanner software and did the other things I wanted to do, which was find a piece of free guitar music my brother had recommended and read LJ and email.

Then I went for a nice long walk (which I need to measure because it's not one I've done before).

On switching the computer on again, the message popped up once more.

So I Googled. Which told me that the error related to the sound card software and lead me, as it usually does, to a forum where geeky types who know about these things were talking about the exact same error message I was getting. Oooo! I seemed to be on the right track.

Then one poster said that it was caused by the latest Microsoft update for XP.

I check the date on the message. It was today!

So the error, despite being related to the sound card, was absolutely nothing to do with me installing my new speakers. That was a pure coincidence.

Anyway, there was a link to a Microsoft download that is supposed to have corrected the error, though I won't know until I close down and restart, which I can't be bothered to do just now.

But otherwise it's been a happy and relaxing day, and I have done pleasant and relaxing things, including playing my guitar -- badly! And singing -- also badly. Songs don't sound so good sung through gritted teeth and interspersed with cries of, "Ouch!" and "Aaarrgh!" because the left hand finger ends are hurting. I haven't redeveloped the guitarists finger callouses yet.

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