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Who would have thought Lego could be so complicated?

rezendi found this story about Lego blocks made him rather uncomfortable.

I also found the Lego story quietly boggling. Firstly why had the teachers let the situation with Legotown get so entrenched? A bit of intervention early on could have nipped it all in the bud. But what I found really disquieting was that the teachers saw total regulation with lots of complicated rules as the answer to the previous problem. Like feyandstrange says in the comments to the thread, the whole point of Lego is that it can be whatever you want. It doesn't have to be used to recreate a nice, tidy suburbia in miniature. It can be a fort in the desert, a hospital, a space station, an oil rig, a school, a fairy castle -- in fact anything the kids' imagination can come up with. Also the insistence on collectivity seemed very alien to me, as a Brit. If they want to collaborate, fine, but if one kid wants to pursue their own vision, that's fine too. And finally I didn't like the way the teachers made the kids play deliberately unfair games in order to beat home their point about sharing. It smacked of manipulation to me.

I seem to recall only one rule with the Lego and similar toys at primary school and even at home. We could make whatever we liked, but at the end of the day, it all had to be dismantled and put back in the tubs ready to start all over again. Just occasionally, especially if we pleaded enough, we were allowed to keep a particularly elaborate structure for a bit longer, but after a day or so, it had to be broken up and the pieces put back into play. I'm sure that was a much more creative approach. It also meant that we were never allowed to invest so much emotion or a sense of ownership into any one structure. The children's extreme distress at the accidental destruction of Legotown was also worrying. Understandable if it was an expensive and/or irreplaceable item, but quite inappropriate for a Lego structure, the whole point of which is that everything can be made and re-made.

With Lego, we got most fun out of making the thing. I don't remember that we played much with the constructions afterwards.

I wonder if they do jigsaws in that childcare centre? And, if they do, what do they do with them at the end of the day?

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