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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Rivendell

Miles travelled yesterday: 5
today: 1
Miles travelled so far: 48½
Miles still to go: 409½
Percentage complete: 10½%

Point reached on journey: Day 3 I have passed the place where the Hobbits camped for the night. They're just setting off again. They're beside a stream and, looking back, they see a Black Rider on the hillcrest where they camped.

Where I really went yesterday...

For some reason the police helicopter was sitting on the rugby field. It had acquired a bunch of interested children. Heddlu, the Welsh word for police literally means "peace force".

More flowers are coming out now. Here are some primroses...

...and further on there were a few violets.

I managed to do a slightly different circuit by going straight on down the tarmac road where I normally turn left down the dirt lane. This led to a new view of Cadair Idris. Note the lack of cloud on the summit. This is a rare occurrence!

Dropping back down towards the estuary. The sun was in the wrong direction for this shot to come out well.

This is all that's left of Cymer Abbey, now a caravan park. The abbey ruins can just be seen behind the flock of caravans. Not really anything there left to see.
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