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Writing progress -- Finish that novel in 42!

Words written today: 295

Yes, a measly 295 words and not even on the WIP. But...

It was a hook for the completed novel that I'm submitting to publishers and agents. So they were a damned hard 295 words because I had to squeeze the essence of the book right down and try to make it lively and interesting.

Don't know whether I've succeeded, but I think it was an interesting exercise. I'm going to try to post it here to the fangs_fur_fey hook competition.

I probably won't manage to be in the first 180 to post because of the time zone difference. I suspect that lots of USians will stay up until after midnight whereas I'm not going to get up at 5 am. But we shall see.

It was a useful exercise, regardless. I now have a hook to send off with query letters to agents.
Tags: finish that novel in 42!, moving a mountain, synopsis

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