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Writing progress -- Finish that novel in 55!

Words written today: 0
Total words in novel: Still stuck at 88,984
People killed: 0
Mean things done to characters: N/A

After writing virtually nothing for over a week, I've shifted the deadline for finishing A Necessary Evil back to the original 31 May. Hence the new title of Finish that novel in 55!, which neither rhymes nor alliterates, so is useless as a snappy slogan. *g*

What we have done over the weekend, amongst other things, is book another holiday to the US.


I get a week in Boulder, Colorado, while G is attending a course there. So during the day I'll be able to potter around the shops and gentle walks to acclimatise to the heat and altitude.

Then we go on to Estes Park for another 4 days together. Possibilities include hiring mountain bikes and horse riding. *g*

We're hoping to see these :

And these:

G and I think there's just something very droll about that second video.

I will ignore the fact that the river and forest look awfully like the ones around here. *g* However, the mountains are 4 or 5 times the height of the Welsh ones and we don't have elk. Or chipmunks.

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