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Writing progress -- Finish that novel by 31 May!

Words written today: 585
Total words in novel: 89,569
People killed: 0
Mean things done to characters: The Light Cavalry are still not allowed to disband and return home.

After a hiatus of more than a week, I managed to sit down and write more words. It felt like pointless garbage, but I just have to plough on, get to the end and then start all over again with the revision.

I'm not going to even try to make excuses for not writing, because I don't have any. Just ... I don't know ... general lethargy or something.

My hook for the fangs_fur_fey Hook competition was not well received. As I'd never written one before, it was probably only to be expected. Must. Try. Harder.

In other news, I have been doing a bit of gardening this weekend, basically making a mountain of soil in the corner of the garden out of the numerous molehills a very busy mole has been making all over the only decent bit of grass we have.


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