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Adendum to post about last week

It was a week of forgetting things.

I drove into work last Tuesday and just as I was climbing out of the car I realised that I'd forgotten the Welsh book for my class that afternoon. But it was OK, I shared my neighbour's book.

Then on Thursday, I forgot my computer glasses. I managed to leave them on the computer desk at home. This was especially frustrating as it was a day without any classes to teach, so I needed to spend all day on the computer. But I managed by enlarging the fonts and squinting through my bifocals.

Though traditionally things happen in 3s, I made it to the end of the week without forgetting anything else. *g*

And one thing I found (courtesy of sciamanna was this. I'm sure you've all seen them by now, but I thought they were stunning. Clever and insightful and very skilfully done. I hate art that's all concept without any skill in the execution. It appears that a full size version of one piece is in Walsall -- which of course is where Novacon is in November. Must try to remember to visit the gallery.

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