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My new camera arrived! It's a Canon PowerShot S3 IS.

When I got home yesterday, I found a card saying that the carrier had tried to deliver a parcel, which I knew had to be the camera. The card said I had to phone a number to arrange for delivery on another day. There were also dire warnings about how they would only try to deliver twice, after that they would return the package to sender.

What I wanted to do was arrange for delivery next Monday. I don't work on Mondays. Unfortunately, next Monday no one else is working either; it's the May Day Bank Holiday. Pooh! So after picking my way through the phone menu system and listening to the recorded message about three times, I decided to opt for Friday and gamble on them not delivering before 1pm. I have to teach in the morning, but I reckoned I could sneak away after the class and, with luck, be home in time.

But there was just a chance I could get the camera on Thursday. We've had problems with this carrier before and so I know how they work:

- the man tries to deliver the parcel
- no one is in
- man puts card through door
- following instructions on card, would-be recipient phones company and leaves message as to preferred delivery day
- early next morning, driver sets out on his rounds
- a little later the messages are downloaded from the machine and given to ... well, not to our driver because he has a long way to go and has already set off!
- driver makes second attempt at delivery
- no one is in
- man puts card through door causing alarm and despondency as would-be recipient thinks this is second chance gone, idiot company didn't listen to message, etc etc

But having been through this rigmarole before, I knew that they actually will make 3 attempts. Because the driver knows that he hasn't had the instructions regarding alternate days, he tries the next day on the off chance that the would-be recipient had requested, "please try next day".

So I came up with Plan B, which was to stick a note to the door explaining that I'd left a message requesting delivery on Friday, but if he did turn up today, it was fine to leave the package with either neighbour. I signed and dated the message, thus giving him written instructions to that effect.

It worked beautifully.

When I came home, the note had gone from the door and another card said the package was next door!

Here is my first photo taken with the new camera.

Not very exciting I know, but I took that from the other side of the kitchen and could have zoomed further. I'll take the new camera with me tomorrow and start to put it through its paces.
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