Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Pretty pictures!

Apologies for the excessive cuteness of some of the images behind the cut, but it's spring, it's warm and sunny, the flowers are blooming and lambs are skipping in the field. Wherever I point the new camera, cuteness abounds. *g*

May blossom. I like the macro on the new camera. I can get in much closer than before.

Dandelion clocks.

Pink flowers escaping over a garden fence.

A typical Welsh sheep. They haven't been shorn yet, so they find this sunny weather a bit much and mostly rest in the shade.

A little Welsh lamb. These native breeds are born outdoors in April, so they're still small and cute in May.

Black lambs are not uncommon, but I've never seen one with this particular colouring before.

All these, plus a few more from May can be found in my Flickr set here...
Tags: photos, spring
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