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New targets for the year 2007-2008

It's that time of year again. Most people do their introspecting, goal setting and resolution making in January. I do mine in April. So here, a little late, is my reflection on progress made in 2006-2007 and things still to do in the coming year.

Last year's goals successfully achieved

  • New bed bought for our bedroom. (I still haven't found a suitable wardrobe of the right size. I also keep forgetting to buy a new light shade, but I did find a nice bedside light.).

  • Complete makeover of my study completed. This includes: setting up a new desktop computer, painting walls and ceiling, hanging pictures, new carpet and repainting the shabby but serviceable bookcase and chest of drawers. (Still need blinds for window.)

House makeover goals for 2007-2008

  • Various minor but irritating plumbing repair jobs need doing.

  • Total bathroom refurbishment required.

  • Declutter conservatory.

  • Get rid of more stuff from garage.

Last year's writing goals

  • Keep submitting Moving a Mountain to publishers and editors (But still no sale.)

  • Brainstorm the magic department in FE college story. (But I haven't started writing this, was mugged by WIP.)

  • Write 75,000 words of first draft of magic department in FE college story. (Wrote false start, then decided to finish A Necessary Evil. I felt that it would be good practice to actually finish the damn thing. Not to mention that it would get those characters and scenes out of my head. Revised the opening 50,000 words and produced 30,000 more as part of novel_in_90)

With regard to writing, I feel that though I'm producing words, I'm still not finishing things fast enough nor to a high enough standard to be in with a chance of publication in the current cut-throat climate. The fangs_fur_fey Hook competition and subsequent page crits have been very thought provoking. Although some opening pages were clearly produced by people who still lack experience, there is some very good writing out there. But it's the stories and characters and themes that are giving me pause for thought. If this is what readers and editors want, I really don't see that there is a market for my more middle-of-the-road stories in the US. *Sigh*

However, though the criticism of my hook smarted, I am not defeated, just regrouping and planning before my next sortie. I want to tighten the opening of Moving a Mountain slightly and then send it out again. I also have an idea as to how to make A Necessary Evil marketable and I'll focus on that in the rewrite. More about this anon if I can make it work. *g*

Of course I do have a tendency to focus on the things that aren't going well. *Sheepish grin* The day job and the OU tutoring all trundle along fine and I've made good progress with my Welsh. I even ventured to say a few words in Welsh to the students in one class last week. My confidence is slowly increasing. I just need to learn and practice the relevant IT terms and I might be getting somewhere.

Writing goals for 2007-2008

  • Finish and completely revise ANE by 30 November 07.

  • Write 40,000 words of Revealing Secrets.

  • Keep submitting MAM.

Other goals

Just keep on as you are! You're doing fine.

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