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My walk on the Sunday of the Bank Holiday weekend

After weeks of dry weather, the Bank Holiday managed to produce the usual Welsh downpours. I still managed a short walk and seeing as the Olympus is water resistent, I snapped these.

Bus shelters outside the local college Bus shelters outside the local college
Being a Sunday, there were no students sheltering from the rain as they waited for buses.
Typical Bank Holiday weather! Typical Bank Holiday weather!
After weeks without rain, the Bank Holiday does the trick and summons the rain.
Not a soul about Not a soul about
I was the only person out walking in the rain.
A rainy Bank Holiday A rainy Bank Holiday
Looking back, I couldn't see anyone.

This means that I have now walked 100 miles on my journey to Rivendell!

By coincidence, this coincided with the Hobbits' rainy day and took me from 98 miles (End of Day 4: Rainy, stayed at Tom Bombadil's house) to setting off a day later on the ponies to climb the zig-zag hill.

As I didn't have a pony, I had to walk. *g*

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