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OU Digital Photography course T189

This is just the end of the second week of the course and I have learnt sooooo much already. Before the course started I didn't even know that Exif data existed, but now I know how to find it and even how to edit it.

In lieu of real content, here are a few of the photos I've taken as part of the course. The Assignment for week 2 was "Six pictures of someone, somewhere or something that you really like." Someone was out. G wouldn't want his photo taking and all my other family and friends are too far away. I did a few of animals last weekend (the lambs) but the rain prevented any further expeditions to favourite places. Well, I could have used the Olympus, but we were supposed to be playing with ISO settings and focal length and that camera doesn't allow me to alter very much. I know everything that camera can do and I needed to learn more about the new Canon S3 IS

So I photographed my fountain pens. *g*

After finishing the last of the marking, I intend to photograph some books for the final 3 photos.

Parker pen
Parker pen
It poured with rain the weekend we have to do Assignment 2 Favourite places, people or things. Though I mostly write with a word processor, I like my fountain pens!
Parker pen -- closeup
Parker pen -- closeup
Playing here with the Super Macro to get a small depth of field. No flash, but good natural light in the north facing conservatory. Exposure f4 at 1/160th of a second.
Waterman pen -- closeup
Waterman pen -- closeup
I didn't quite get the tip of the nib sharp. But again I'm playing with the Super Macro on the Canon camera. Exposure f4 at 1/160th sec to give a small depth of field.
Two photos, two different ISOs
Two photos, two different ISOs
The photo on the left was taken at ISO 80, the one on the right at ISO 800. The graininess on the photo with the high ISO can be clearly seen on the railings and brickwork bottom right.

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