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Here's the rest of the set of photos I took for the Week 2 assignment. Books are definitely some of my favourite things, so I took a few off the shelves and asked them to pose for me. *g*

Bedtime reading
Bedtime reading
One of my favourite authors. This is A Hatful of Sky on my bedside table. As the weather was too wet to take photos outside, I had to do still lifes for the Week 2 assignment.
Bedtime reading -- closeup
Bedtime reading -- closeup
Because I wanted to avoid using the flash yet still have a good depth of field, I used a tripod for this as the shutter speed was only 1/6 sec.
An old favourite
An old favourite
These are the volumes I had for Christmas when I was about 13. I'd read LoTR from the library and then demanded the hardbacks as a present.

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