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Last batch of photos for this week (T189 Digital Photography)

Having completely OD-ed on sheep and lambs the past few weeks, I was on the lookout for different animals. *g*

Week 3 -- Sunlight and shade (ponies)
Week 3 -- Sunlight and shade (ponies)
The sun did occasionally burst through the cloud making the exposure tricky. The ponies were a little dark, so I brightened them in PhotoShop Elements, leaving the grass and foliage as it was. Also cloned out a wire fence. 1/60 sec at f3.5 (I left the camera to do this on auto.)
Week 3 -- pony
Week 3 -- pony
I took this one using the Sports setting. Because it was partly in shadow, the camera has chosen a high ISO to ensure a fast shutter speed. This has resulted in quite a lot of noise in the dark parts of the background. However I do like the shot otherwise.
Week 3 -- Welsh Black bull (difficult exposure)
Week 3 -- Welsh Black bull (difficult exposure)
The sun was in completely the wrong position for this! The original was just a silhouette, but I selected and brightened just the bull and I think it's OK now. I had to use manual settings because the auto wouldn't expose correctly for the animals. 1/60 sec at f8.
Week 3 -- Rhododendron
Week 3 -- Rhododendron
Though beautiful when in bloom, rhododendron is actually a terrible weed in Snowdonia. However this bush was safely confined to the garden of a cottage. I selected a low ISO to ensure a good image. 1/60 sec at f4. The camera was hand-held.

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