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T189 Digital Photography -- Week 4

I have just about finished Week 5's work and have started thinking about Week 6, but I haven't yet blogged Week 4. How remiss... *g*

Right now I've just signed up for another round of novel_in_90 and feel I'm spinning at least one too many plates, but I think my photos are getting better, especially Week 5, which has pushed me out of my comfort zone. But more of that anon.

For this week we had to concentrate on depth of field, so the photos are supposed to show either a big depth of field or have just part of the photo in focus and the background blurred.

Week 4 -- Cadair Idris with lamb
Week 4 -- Cadair Idris with lamb
I took this last week when I was hunting for motion blur photos, but fortunately it fits this week's depth of field safari because the weather is rather grey today. Exposure: 1/160 sec at f8.
Week 4 -- Cregennan Lakes
Week 4 -- Cregennan Lakes
I used the smallest aperture available on my camera (f8) to maximise the depth of field. I also wanted a low ISO to ensure a good quality image. Speed was 1/80 so I steadied the camera with a tripod. It's been tweaked a little in PhotoShop. Due to unlevel ground, I managed to get the lake sloping, so I rotated it a little. Also tried to get a little more colour and contrast into the sky.
Week 4 -- Galloping cow
Week 4 -- Galloping cow
I snapped this cow as it galloped away down the field. Speed 1/800 has stopped the motion. Aperture f2.7 to ensure a small depth of field. I did have to blur the background a little more in PhotoShop.
Week 4 -- Stone wall
Week 4 -- Stone wall
This was another attempt at a large depth of field. 1/125 sec at f8. The weather was dry but dreary yesterday, but I've used this picture to practice enhancing images in PhotoShop. I first cropped to improve the composition then used the dodge tool to lighten the wall a little and the burn tool to reduce the impact of the house. Then I used unsharp mask to sharpen the image overall.
Week 4 -- Small white flower
Week 4 -- Small white flower
These little white flowers (possibly Stitchwort?) are blooming in the verge at the moment. Exposure 1/60 sec at f3.5 using the Super Macro to focus on the detail and give a small depth of field. I did blur the background flower (top right) just a little more in PhotoShop to stop it detracting from the subject.

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