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T189 Digital Photography -- Week 4 continued

Here are the other 5 photos I took for Week 4 of the OU Digital Photography course.

Week 4 -- Bracelet
Week 4 -- Bracelet
A bead bracelet. I used SuperMacro to ensure a very small depth of field. Other than cropping a tiny bit off the edges, this is as it came from the camera. f2.7 1/8 sec. Used a tripod to avoid camera shake.
Week 4 -- Kuan Yin
Week 4 -- Kuan Yin
A small statuette of Kuan Yin. Exposure 1/30 sec at f2.7. Used macro setting to ensure small depth of field. Camera on tripod to avoid camera shake.
Week 4 -- Welsh lovespoon pendant
Week 4 -- Welsh lovespoon pendant
Welsh lovespoon necklace taken without flash. 1/15 sec at f2.7 using SuperMacro to ensure a small depth of field. The necklace is quite tiny.
Week 4 -- Toys still life
Week 4 -- Toys still life
Taken for activity 4.6.1 this is an example of a large depth of field indoors. 1/30 sec at f5.6. This was hand-held.
Week 4 -- Jacey at Jodrell Bank
Week 4 -- Jacey at Jodrell Bank
My friend Jacey. This was taken last year. Taken using flash, aperture f3.1 ISO 100. I have cropped this considerably (lots of extraneous clutter in the cafe) and blurred the background to make Jacey stand out. Then used a little Unsharp mask.

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