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Writing progress -- Novel in 90 (round two)

I'm just about managing to write again, despite all the photography.

Revealing Secrets

Words written in the first week: 2125
Total words in novel: 2125
Mean things done to characters: Bethany is having her photo taken. *g*

She's also in a cellar with a serial killer.

Getting the tone right for this novel is hard, especially for this opening scene. I had a false start from last year but I had to scrap it all. The murderer was doing the bulgy-eyed, demented murderer thing and it was just wrong, wrong, wrong. It needs to be more subtle.

Off to write more words before I start marking the first assignments from the latest batch of fiction writing students.


NOVEL IN 90 (Revealing Secrets): 2125 new words:

Revealing Secrets
2,125/ 90,000 (2%)

That progress bar looks so feeble, doesn't it? Must write more words!
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