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Writing progress -- Novel in 90 (round two)

Words written today and over the weekend: 1890
Total words in novel: 4015
Mean things done to characters: Bethany doesn't know what on earth to tell the police about what just happened.

This is definitely a zeroth draft. I just want to get the whole story down in some form, then focus on the detail in the re-write. I am not going to make the mistake of starting to type it up before it's finished this time. Get thee behind me, endless revision loop!

It does seem to be going better this time. I've got past the killing. In the stalled attempt begun about this time last year, the caretaker was doing the mad, staring-eyed serial killer thing, which was just wrong.

As this novel wants to be handwritten, I've made a new icon for handwritten first drafts. I'm not actually using the pen in the icon, but it's more photogenic than the cheaper Parker pen that I am using, which I don't ever remember buying but which I found at the back of a drawer during the last decluttering pass. It might once have been G's. Or possibly belonged to on of the offspring, though I don't remember them ever using fountain pen.


NOVEL IN 90 (Revealing Secrets): 1890 new words:

Revealing Secrets
4015/ 90,000 (4%)
Tags: novel_in_90, pens, revealing secrets, writing, writing progress

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