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I don't do nostalgia

coneycat is talking here about revisiting the past...

I briefly signed up for Friends Reunited. I really had no wish to contact old classmates, but I was curious to see what they were doing now. I was perfectly happy to read the profiles and leave it at that, but then someone who I wouldn't really ever have counted as a friend emailed me. I found this troubling because though you can view information on Friends Reunited for free, you have to pay to be able to email people. So suddenly I felt as though I was being emotionally blackmailed. I was going to have to pay the site in order to reply and say... what? I wouldn't go quite as far as to say I hated school, but I really didn't enjoy most of it. There was no sign on the site of the one old friend I really was interested in contacting again and I have enough online friends. I don't have to time to make polite conversation with acquaintances from the past.

After agonising for a while, I just pulled all my information off the site and have never been back. I don't know what the poor woman thought. Probably that I was still as odd and rude as I was as an adolescent.


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