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A bite to eat and a chat

Yesterday evening, as it was half term and I didn't have an evening class to teach, I went to meet green_knight for a bite to eat after work and a chat about writing and stuff.

The problem with little towns and finding early evening places to eat is that the cafes all shut at about 5:00 - 5:30 and the evening restaurants don't open until 7-ish. I'd spotted a new "wine bar", which had a reasonable menu outside and claimed to be open from lunchtime to 11 pm, so that was where we headed.

The sign said the wine bar was upstairs, so up we went to find it totally deserted and no one behind the upstairs bar. So we trundled down again and asked whether we ordered food at the lower bar. No, we were told, we needed to order it upstairs, but the barmaid phoned someone and asked them to come over as there were customers. So we sat and waited, which actually suited us fine because all we really wanted somewhere to talk and the eating and the cup of tea was just a means of getting into somewhere warm and dry out of the rain.

Eventually two young men appeared and we ordered, and they got green_knight's order wrong (cheese on garlic bread? Ugh!), but my tortilla wrap was acceptable and at the second attempt, they produced garlic bread sans cheese, so we ate and chatted some more. Eventually another couple turned up, to find that the young men had vanished and had to be recalled before they could order, and likewise they'd vanished again when I decided that I really ought to head for home because it is an hour's drive back and the weather was rainy. Again one of them was summoned from wherever it was they disappeared to and I paid the bill.

It was a fun evening and although I can't talk much about my WIP, because it kills the desire to write it, general talk about writing puts me in the mood to write, so perhaps that's why I did write a decent amount today.

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