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Cardiff Bay -- urban sports

In case anyone wants to know what a bocker is, here are the best of the snaps I took down at Cardiff Bay.

Welsh bockers taking a break
Welsh bockers taking a break
Snapped down at Cardiff Bay. I didn't have my Canon camera, but grabbed this shot anyway with the little point-and-shoot Olympus. I've tweaked the exposer in PhotoShop as the original was a little overexposed in the highlights.
Group of Welsh bockers
Group of Welsh bockers
This is the whole group of bockers. I enhanced the colours in the sign which was a little overexposed. I also cloned out a few traces of a bystander whose hand was intruding into the cropped image on the right hand side.
A skateboarder narrowly escapes performing a pratfall right outside the Welsh Assembly building, Cardiff Bay

Tags: cardiff, photography, photos, t189, urban sport

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