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A wet Sunday walk

In an attempt to shed a few pounds before our son's wedding, I began my new exercise regime. That is, I prised myself away from the computer and ventured out into the rain. I did one of my regular circuits, this particular one is 5 miles in total.

I think this is the black and tan lamb I posted a photo of back in May. It's now a chubby young sheep. I will return tomorrow with the better telephoto lens and see if I can get another shot of it.

This is a flower spike of the pennywort plant.

One of the students on the T189 Digital Photography course posted a set of instructions on how to make a photo look as though it had been taken on a rainy day. Here in Wales it's just easier to wait for a rainy day...

There were moments when the sun tried to break through though.

But then the rain would pour down heavily again. This is Llanelltyd glimpsed through the mist.

Now I just need to do walks like this more than once in a blue moon, and I might get my fitness levels up again...
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