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Being productive

I've just had to put my hair up, a sure sign that it's hot. Long hair is very useful as a temperature regulating device. Down, it can keep neck and ears warm, and up it's as cool as short hair. Well, mine is. Perhaps it doesn't work so well if you have thick, heavy hair, but mine's very fine and fly-away so it doesn't weigh too heavily.

Almost like being on holiday

The big advantage of living where I do is that the moment I stop working and step outside, I feel like I'm on holiday. The smells and the look of the countryside take me straight back to childhood holidays in North Wales.

I went for my lunchtime walk again today. Up the narrow lane behind the college, round and down through the tiny hamlet of Pentrecelyn and back in time for a quick snack lunch and more work. It's quite a pull up the hill, but I can do it now without slowing or stopping to get my breath. It's a joy to just walk and enjoy the smell of moist hedgerow where the lane passes under overhanging trees, the tiny wild strawberries and the quiet fields where sheep hide in the shade and cows graze quietly in wide meadows dotted with glorious specimen trees, mature horse chestnut and oak. The sky was deep, cloudless blue and every so often, there's a brief view over the plain of Clwyd that stretches to the sea.

I might try taking some photos tomorrow with the tiny camera. The quality's not very good, but it might give some idea of the scenery for anyone not familiar with the area.

Work is being reasonably productive. Having spent last week catching up with all the marking of tests and entering results into databases, I can now settle down to re-writing all the practice materials for the New CLAIT course for next year. This task falls to me because I am Team Leader for New CLAIT, a job with some responsibility, but no extra money. :-)

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