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I found the brown sheep again!

At around 3 pm the sun broke through the cloud, so I grabbed my chance and rushed out for my walk. As green_knight had expressed an interest in sheep pictures, I thought I'd try and take a picture of the little brown lamb now he's grown up.

To my disappointment, the field where I'd spotted him yesterday was empty. It's shearing time, so sheep are being gathered and moved from field to field. But on my way back, I thought I spotted a brown sheep and after exploring up a track I'd never ventured up before, I found not one brown lamb but a whole group of them.

This is a normal Welsh Badger Face lamb. Well, it's a half-grown sheep now, but it's one of this year's lambs.

This the dark version (apparently known as the Torwen -- white belly). It seems the lamb wasn't a one-off, there is a bunch of them and they are a rarer variant of the standard pattern. This might be our lamb with his mum.

This is not a good photo at all with regard to composition, but it shows very clearly how the dark version has the markings reversed, light becomes dark and dark light.

A nice little group of Badger-faced Sheep.

All right.... That was probably far more than most of you want to know about sheep. *g*

Anyway, the walk in search of brown sheep was 5 miles, plus the mile walked into town and back this morning gives me a total of 6 miles today. I am now well-exercised and feeling relaxed. Eating a bowl of tinned peaches and ice-cream on arriving back home probably hasn't helped the weight loss, but at least the fitness levels should improve if I can keep this up.
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