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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Rivendell

Miles travelled yesterday: 3.5
Miles travelled so far: 148.5
Miles still to go: 309.5
Percentage complete: 32.4

Point reached on journey: Second day out from Bree. Heading east. Ground dropping slowly. Quiet and peaceful.

Where I really went...

It was a small circular walk up towards Cadair Idris, but following the lane that skirts the lower slopes for a little way before dropping back through the woods to town. I took photos as I went, which rather negated the value of the walk as far as exercise was concerned. Stopping every few yards to photograph a tiny wild flower is not going to get the heart rate up. *g*

The woods were rather gloomy, but I did get a few successful shots.

Gate into the woods

The Pandy Woods

Sunlight through trees

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