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T189 Digital Photography -- Week 5

Although I have now finished the OU Digital Photography course T189 and submitted my final assignment, I have only reached Week 5 in the blogging of the photos taken.

This was the week in which I learned about colour! One of the questions I didn't answer in the final assessment was: "Identify and briefly discuss three characteristics that identify this work as yours." As I felt the answer was simply, "Compentent but ever so slightly dull," I chose other questions. *g*

Anyway, the theme for Week 5 was colour, as bright as possible. Finding bright colours in a town built entirely of grey stone and which is a conservation area was not easy, but I managed.

Week 5 -- Red gate (detail)
Week 5 -- Red gate (detail)
Took a close up of the gate, cropped around the padlock and just increased the saturation of the red a tiny bit.
Week 5 -- Inspiration, Cardiff
Week 5 -- Inspiration, Cardiff
I took a detail from the canopy of the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff and tweaked the saturation of the yellow. Then I altered the hue, each time copying the image to another file. Then I applied a distorting filter to the original golden image and copied the oval shape to the composite image. ("Awen" is "Inspiration" in Welsh)
Week 5 -- Laburnum flowers
Week 5 -- Laburnum flowers
This tree, heavy with blossom is in the grounds of our local college. Saturation and brightness of the yellow tweaked slightly in PhotoShop Elements.
Week 5 -- Bus shelters in the rain
Week 5 -- Bus shelters in the rain
These shelters are outside our local college. It was raining quite hard when I took this. I have increased the saturation of the greens a little in PhotoShop Elements.
Week 5 -- Green ivy
Week 5 -- Green ivy
I spotted the sun shining on these bright green ivy leaves. I have tweaked the saturation just a little to make it look more like the vivid green of the real thing.

The other five photos taken for Week 5 will appear in another post...
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