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T189 Digital Photograph -- Week 5 continued

Here are the rest of the Week 5 photos taken for the OU Digital Photography course. The theme for this week's assignment was colour.

Week 5 -- Blue water with duck
Week 5 -- Blue water with duck
Crossing the bridge over the nearby river, the water was reflecting the deep blue sky. I have enhanced the blueness a bit in PhotoShop Elements.
Week 5 -- Blue door
Week 5 -- Blue door
I selected the door using the lasso tool and increased the saturation of the blue. The flowers were also selected and the blue, red and green enhanced. I saved the selections. Then I sharpened with unsharp mask, copied the layer, turned the copy layer to B&W, reloaded the door selection and pressed delete to reveal the blue underneath. Flowers done in the same way.
Week 5 -- Blue door (detail)
Week 5 -- Blue door (detail)
I took a fairly closeup photo of the door, which was then cropped and the saturation of blue, cyan and yellow was increased. I didn't realise you could see the reflection of my hand until I enlarged it!
Week 5 -- The Crafty Cauldron
Week 5 -- The Crafty Cauldron
Our local witchcraft and new age shop. The purple had come out too blue in the photo, so I tweaked the hue and saturation to make it more true to the actual shop front.
Week 5 -- Church near Bala, North Wales
Week 5 -- Church near Bala, North Wales
I took this a couple of weeks ago for the DOF assignment. It wasn't sharp enough for that, but it reminded me of those old hand coloured B&W postcards. I thought I'd tweak the colours even more to see what happened. It gave me chance to play with the adjustment layers for hue/saturation and levels.

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