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T189 Digital Photography -- Week 6 continued

After posting the montages to the T189 OpenStudio site, a few people requested full size versions, so I obliged. These are the ones I felt would best stand up to viewing at a larger size. One of them is the self-portrait. *g*

Checkout at the local Co-op supermarket
Checkout at the local Co-op supermarket
What shall we have for our tea?
What shall we have for our tea?
Difficult decisions by the freezer.
More diffiult decisions
More diffiult decisions
The cereals and tinned fruit section of our local Co-op supermarket.
In our local Spar and Post Office
In our local Spar and Post Office
No one notices you taking photos with a camera phone!
Self portrait
Self portrait
I took this with my camera phone to show how I took the other shopping snaps.

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